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Premie Baby
Angelina’s Story
Angelina’s Story With thanks to journalist Kimberley Le Lievre At 25 weeks pregnant, Yvonne Doreski woke up feeling great. After
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Angus’ Story
Nothing can prepare you for the advice “if he comes now, there’s not much we can do…”  At 24 weeks,
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Leila’s Story
Emma’s Diary Note: 21/11/16: Oral glucose tolerance test at TCH followed by growth scan at Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU). 25
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Newborn Intensive Care Foundation - Ayden
Ayden’s Story
Young mum and dad, first child. What an experience. My pregnancy was going along normally, minimal morning sickness and each
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Max’s Story
Max’s Story (extract from a letter sent by a parent to the Rotary Club of Hall) “On 18 July 2011
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Sophia’s Story
If I had to name one defining incident that changed my life (and indirectly led to being created) it
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Ella’s Story
Ella’s story (told by Ella’s mum Jo) I tested positive for GBS (Group B streptococcus) at 36 weeks gestation. I
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Elle’s Story
Elle’s story is definitely an amazing one… She suffered meconium inhalation during birth and had resulting complications, including lung failure.
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Ethan’s Story
First Day: It was about 3:00am on Sunday 16th November 2014 when i got the news, our son would be
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