All of us will have at least one bank account. Most of us will be relatively organised and manage to pay bills on time. Some of us have an account for necessities and an account for holiday saving, and maybe a Christmas savings account. Very few of us however have a simple emergency financial option.

It is simple, it’s easy to set up, and it could save you so much stress when things don’t go to plan.

It is a high interest rates, no account-keeping fees account called the Community Rewards Account.

This is how it works.

You do the saving for that rainy day – Beyond Bank do the giving, at no cost to you.

With the Beyond Bank Community Reward Account, Beyond Bank will donate a percentage of your annual average balance to the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (NICF) to help us purchase medical equipment to help sick babies. And that’s at no cost to you!

The more you save, the more Beyond Bank will give to the NICF. It’s a great incentive for people to save even more and ensure that there is money in their ‘emergency’ account just in case all other options fail.

To protect yourself in a financial crisis, set up the account, have a few dollars a pay transferred into it automatically and forget about it until a financial crisis strikes. If you don’t bank with Beyond Bank then even better – the less likely it will be that you are tempted to dip into the account for things you want, and not what you need. For more information click here