The Brindabella Christian College has been busy all year with pupils collecting five cent pieces. It is amazing how combining lots of little can make such a big result. The Foundation was presented with a cheque for two thousand three hundred and eighty dollars and thirty five cents!!!

After the cheque presentation, the following prayer was recited by one of the pupils.

Dear God

Thank you for the people who spend their time, every day, looking after children and babies who are sick or injured. Please provide for the needs of the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation, so they may have all they need to care for babies who need assistance. Please bring healing to babies who are unwell, strength to nurses as they care for them and wisdom to doctors.

Pour out your peace into the hearts and minds of worried parents and families. We know that you are the Great Physician and you hold each of these lives in your hands. We also pray for babies yet to be born, that you will protect them and bring them safely into the world.

Thank you for generous hearts who have given this money we are donating today. Please allow this money to help the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation care for many precious babies.

We pray for your blessing over each child, family and carer.

In Jesus name.


Thank you to all the pupils from Brindabella Christian College for their efforts and thank you to the teachers and administrative staff who coordinated the effort. And thank you all for your Prayers.