When my daughter Alina was born at 30 weeks gestation it came as a huge shock and commenced our long NICU journey. During the early days Alina was quite unwell and was receiving numerous medications and breathing support. During this time, she also had constant blue light therapy to help with jaundice. During her time receiving this treatment we struggled to find suitable times for care moments and time to be held. Although I knew she was receiving the best treatment it was so hard to watch my baby and not being able to comfort and support her in my arms.

Following our discharge we discovered the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation and have built a strong relationship with them and I have personally grown a passion for giving back and raising awareness of the challenges that families with sick newborns face. Discovering the changes that the Bilicocoon will bring to families is absolutely amazing. The NICU can be such a daunting place and just being able to be close with your baby and hold them and support them through any kind of treatment is so rewarding. The Bilicocoon enables families to continue building those bonds with their children and advocates for families to be a further part of their child’s development.