Elle’s story is definitely an amazing one…

She suffered meconium inhalation during birth and had resulting complications, including lung failure. She was aspirated, intubated and in the NICU for around 10 days.

Elle was acutely ill and really had very slim odds of survival. She gradually improved over the ten days to a point where she could move to the ward, and then she was able to be taken home.

Elle has got an amazing strength and courage and although her parents were told to expect a lot of problems with her health due to her difficult start, she has been a fighter.

She turned out to be an amazing dancer and gymnast, being a country champion, and state champion for many years… she has been on the NSW gymnastics team for a couple of years and has competed at National Level. She has won many awards including a Premier’s Award and the Australia Day Junior Sportsperson award.

She started competitive cheerleading and was successful in auditioning for the Raiderettes. Elle was actually born and was in the NICU on the day that the Raiders won their last premiership.

She is planning to study sports coaching, exercise science or sports management/media at university.