About the Foundation

The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation is a local charity, originating in the ACT, that raises money for medical equipment and nurse education for Central and East Gippsland hospitals to help give the regions sick newborn babies, the best chance to lead healthy, normal lives.


100% LOCAL

– money raised in the region, stays in the region


For more information, contact Peter Cursley on 0414 446 662

ABN 82440775387

Current Campaign

Bake for Babies began 1 June and ran to 31 August yet we are still accepting donations for the following. We aim to raise enough money to fund an Isolette (a cocoon-like cot providing a warm environment for a sick newborn baby) and a new breast pump so mums don’t have to queue to express for Sale Hospital’s Special Care Nursery and for Bairnsdale’s Maternity Unit we are wanting to fund 4 Neo Cots.

You can donate here.

A Resuscitaire for Sale Hospital’s Birthing Unit has arrived – Thank you Sale.

The Resuscitaire provides everything needed for resuscitation therapy to babies under 12 months old. It keeps the baby warm during resuscitation, has medical air and oxygen readily available and provides a safe surface and clear access during procedures. It also allows for the recording of weight (without removing the infant from bed) and adequate lighting.

The first 10 minutes of a newborn resuscitation is critical. Newborns and infants become hypothermic (low temperature), acidotic (metabolic derangement), hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and hypoxic (low oxygen levels) very quickly without appropriate timely care.

Our previous donations have gone towards 4 electronic nursing chairs and a phototherapy blanket for the Special Care Nursery at Sale Hospital. Thanks to community support and a very generous donation from Beyond Bank in Cunnighame Street we have been able to purchase all 4 chairs needed. These chairs make it more comfortable for mums to give skin to skin kangaroo cuddles. Skin to skin cuddles help stabilise the baby’s heart rate, improves the baby’s breathing pattern and encourages an earlier hospital discharge. The phototherapy blanket will be a perfect addition. Help us fund more equipment like the above.

Resuscitaire for Bairnsdale’s Maternity Unit – Thank you Bairnsdale, this piece of equipment has arrived.

New Project: To raise $10,920 to fund 4 Neo Cots. These special cots provide a safe environment for babies while allowing the recovering newborns  and their mums to be closer together thereby encouraging better bonding.

Will you contribute to this project for Bairnsdale Hospital’s Maternity Unit?

Please, click on the link at the top of the page to donate online or make a tax deductible donation to the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation’s bank account.

Bendigo Bank

Account Name: Newborn Intensive Care Foundation    BSB 633 000   Account number 170 221 188.

Please put ‘Sale Hosp’ or ‘Bairn Hosp’ in the description of your donation so we can ensure it is directed for the hospital of your choice.

Latest News

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