‘WOMBATs’ – are identifiers for mums who are separated from their babies when their newborns are unwell and needing NICU support.
WOMBAT is the acronym for a “Whiff Of Mothers Breast Any Time”.
They are found in the packs for collection of colostrum, the important first milk, to encourage mothers to hand express.
One piece of soft cloth (WOMBAT) is placed on a mother’s chest to pick up her scent. The other cloth is placed close to the baby in the incubator for the same reason. They are then swapped so mum and baby are left with each other’s scent.
Pheromones are important for both mothers and babies, reducing stress levels for all.
Families love WOMBATs and they are an important part of the everyday work of milk collection and creating calm.
Here is what some moms have said:
“the wombats we used meant so much to us. Still in the girls keepsake boxes.” Tez
“At almost age 11, my son still sleeps with his ‘wombat’” Anabelle
“WOMBATS are sometimes the only thing a mum leaves the hospital with when she should be holding her baby. They become the most important little lifeline to her, the one thing connecting her to her little one when they cannot be together. An excellent thing to donate to!” Shelley
A $20 tax deductible donation from you can provide a mother and their baby with a month’s supply of WOMBAT lactation aids at a very stressful time in their lives.
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Pictured is Peter Cursley CF, Chairman of the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation, and Mary-Ellen Youseman, Lactation Consultant at Canberra’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital.