With the onset of the Coronavirus, immediate family of sick or premature newborn babies, apart from mothers or their partner, may not be allowed in to the neonatal unit in Canberra to see their baby. Previously, the NICF has helped fund NICUCAM. NICUCAM allows parents and family to log into a secure website and view a live streaming of their baby via a camera above the baby’s cot.

We need to urgently increase the numbers of NICUCAMs to enable more parents and family to view their baby if they are not allowed into the neonatal unit because of Covid-19 risks.

Based on the quotation received, to allow for the required expansion of NICUCAM with a further 5 cameras, we need to raise $10,245.00 as a matter of urgency. $5 or $10 from you can make all the difference. Click HERE make a tax deductible donation.