Baby Francesca (Frankie) was born full term at 3.16 am on a November morning. She was beautiful
with hazel eyes and long dark hair. She left this world suddenly, 36 hours later, cradled in her
mummy’s arms and surrounded by the love of her Dad and two older siblings. That night her
sister went out to the stars and said goodnight, and so started a ritual in the family home of
talking to Frankie in the stars. The grief journey for her siblings has been long and hard. In
the weeks following her death, they were gifted many beautiful stories to console and support
them during this time. Books were healing and helped start many conversations around life
and death.
Through these stories, Mum (Lyndsay) and dad (Ian) tried to answer some of the hard

Why did Frankie go to heaven?
Why did they choose her?
When can we see her?
Was it our fault?
Is she safe?

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