Hilariously funny! Side-splittingly fun! This latest charity fundraising production from Dramatic Productions has all the hallmarks of entertainment at it finest.

Staring Daryl Somers of Hey Hey It’s Saturday fame.

When a struggling has-been Broadway producer meets an overwrought accountant who dreams of being a producer, hilarity ensues, as they scheme to get rich by putting on the biggest flop of all time!

All they need to do is to raise two million dollars. Then find the worst script ever written. Hire the worst director on Broadway and cast the worst possible actors and when the show bombs; it’s off to Rio with all the money! What could possibly go wrong?!

Starring Daryl Somers as Max Bialystock and directed by Rachael Beck (Hey Dad).

10% of all tickets sold for the Saturday 12 October show got to the NICF to help fund the State-of-the-art ventilator. This is then generously matched by Masonicare.

For bookings and to support the NICF’s fundraising drive, follow this link to Stagecenta.


“Photography by Janelle”