From 6am Monday

To double your donation on the day go to www.beyondbank.com.au/donate  

In Canberra, the donations will go towards two Giraffe Care Stations. These incubators create a controlled, protected microenvironment for peaceful fast healing, bringing babies one step closer to the caregivers’ expertise, their parents’ embrace, and to going home healthy. They are designed to address the changing and complex demands of NICU by helping to provide easy access to the baby by clinical staff. These care stations support Family Centred Care and give parents the access and assurance they need to nurture their sick or premature baby.

In Sale, the donations will go towards a second electronic nursing chair for the Special Care Nursery at Sale Hospital. These chairs make it more comfortable for mums to give skin to skin kangaroo cuddles. Skin to skin cuddles helps stabilise the baby’s heart rate, improves the baby’s breathing pattern and encourages an earlier hospital discharge. To ensure money raised in the region stays in the region, please put ‘SALE’ in the notes section of the online donation from.