Help Us Raise Some Bubbles

“Bubbles for Babies” Fundraiser

WARNING: This concept not suitable for anyone who has never been a baby. 

First of all, who doesn’t LOVE bubbles? We can’t deny we smile, or at least become somewhat entranced, when we see shiny bubbles floating in mid-air around us. We also know the thrill is about twice as strong for our little ones. Did you ever wonder WHY bubbles are so effective in engaging us all? Well the truth is, it’s no coincidence. Here are some reasons:

Visually appealing – For babies especially, focusing on the motion of bubbles helps with eye-tracking which is a skill that will aid in their depth perception and ability to connect what they see to what they know in the world.  Eye-tracking is a critical skill that also helps work the muscles and brain functions that will allow babies to read later in life. Starring at bubbles can also be a way to help tots and young children re-focus their attention and self-regulate after a high-energy or less-structured activity.

Physically unique (based on the laws of physics) – Bubbles are like a baby’s first lesson in physics, they are mesmerized by the unique effect a light, weightless substance has in the air verses most objects we see which typically fall when straight to the ground with the weight gravity. This is a unique spectacle and helps us observe the movement concept of floating which is later practiced in dance class when children learn to use their body to express different ideas.

Motor development:
Trying to pop, blow, swat, or catch bubbles takes physical control that all levels and can be practiced in different ways for all ages. Whether you catch a bubble for your baby to pop with their finger (fine motor skills!) or whether your pre-schooler is flailing their arms trying to pop the bubbles in mid air, this is motor skill practice!

Bubbles for Babies is a fundraising promotion to raise money to assist the NICF benefit the regions sick and premature newborn babies. It’s a simple concept where anyone can host an event in their home, in their work-place, in a park, at a venue, and use creative ways to raise money. We would like as many people as possible to hold a fun event and raise some bubbles.

We have set the value of a ‘bubble’ at $10. Will you help us raise some bubbles to improve the quality of life of our sick newborn babies? We would like people to hold a Bubbles for Babies event anytime in April 2019 to help us raise the funds to purchase a new ECG (electrocardiograph) machine for the Neonatal Unit at Canberra Hospital.

Bubbles for Babies will be launched at a special event at the Hellenic Club, Woden at 11am 1 March 2019.

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