All money raised from Bubbles for Babies supports the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (NICF). The Foundation funds medical equipment, research and nurse education to help sick newborn babies of Southern NSW, ACT and East & Central Gippsland in Victoria. Help us raise some bubbles. Money raised in a region stays in that region,

What’s a bubble?

We have set the value of a ‘bubble’ at $10. Will you help us raise some bubbles to improve the quality of life of our sick newborn babies. We would like people to hold a Bubbles for Babies event leading up the Christmas to help us raise the funds to purchase hi-tech medical equipment for the Neonatal Unit at Canberra Hospital and Special Care Nurseries in Southern NSW and Gippsland in Victoria. Our policy is ‘money raised in a region stays in that region’ to benefit local babies. Our work helps the clinical staff be able to send sick or premature babies home sooner and healthier.

How Bubbles for Babies works.

All you need to do is hold a Bubbles for Babies event such as a family BBQ, ladies luncheon, work place drinks, picnic in the park with a bunch of friends; really, any reason to get together. Raise some donations through party games, attendance fees, or just by passing the hat around and donate the profits to the NICF. (See below for some thought starters) 

Where could an event be held?

Bubbles events could be hosted at peoples homes, workplaces, schools, restaurant or a venue such as one of your local clubs.

It’s totally up to you.

How to Hold a Bubbles for Babies event.

Step 1: Register your fundraising activity with www.newborn.org.au

We ask you to decide the date you want to raise some bubble and then register your event with us so we can give you an authority to fundraise letter.

Step 2: Decide how you will raise some bubbles.

Themed Bubbles for Babies Party

Charge a few dollars at the door. People that show up in a themed costume can pay $3 while those in “normal” clothes can pay $5.

Host a Bubbles for Babies Parents’ Party

If your community has a lot of families, you can host a parents’ party while you get a volunteer to watch the kids.

Hosting a parents’ party is an excellent way to give mum and dad a night out with their friends while you raise money!

All you’ll need to do is find a venue. Then you can charge a small amount and set up a fun night of food, drinks, and socializing for parents. You can also set up a donation box for other contributions.

Host a Bubbles for Babies Family Fun Day

A Family Fun Day can be an easy way to raise money plus, it brings your friends and their families together for an afternoon.

Set up games, food and drink stations, and a donation table and send out invitations to your friends. You can also hang up flyers around town to get the whole community involved!

You can host your Family Fun Day during the weekend. Have signs that direct people to the outdoor area you organised for fun, games, food, and fundraising!

Hold a Bubbles for Babies Backyard Barbecue

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned barbecue. Whether you’re barbecuing sausages, steak, chicken, or veggie burgers, a barbecue is a great way to bring your community together for a common cause. You can either charge a fee for your barbecue, make a small charge per serve and per drink, or simply set up a donation table with a jar for change. Make sure you explain the cause you’re raising money for, though.

Host a Bubbles for Babies Dance Off

A Dance-Off can be a great way to bring your dance community together and raise funds for the Newborn Intensive Carer Foundation!

All you have to do is set up a registration process and charge a small fee for people who want to participate.

You can raise more money by charging admission for attendees and selling cold drinks or donated preloved dance clothes during the event.

Bubbles for Babies Game Night

Host a game night where your friends, family, community members, and/or co-workers can enjoy a few board games! In fact, you can make it a regular weekly or monthly event and sell food and refreshments to raise even more funds.

Make sure that you have a variety of board games to host your fun night. You can play games like Monopoly, chess, dominoes, and so much more!

To make your game night a reality, you’ll need a space where you can host your event as well as volunteers to help set up and handle admissions.

Organise a Bubbles for Babies Trivia Night

You can organize a trivia night at home or by pairing up with a local bar or restaurant. Advertise well in advance and charge an admission fee for trivia teams who want to put their knowledge to the test.

You can also ask the restaurant or bar manager if they would be willing to give you a portion of the bar sales from the trivia night to bring in even more money.

Make sure that you have a good system for asking questions and getting teams’ answers. You don’t want to have a disorganised trivia fundraiser!

Bubbles for Babies Guessing Games

Guessing games are classic ways to raise funds.

All you need is a jar filled with something small, like jelly beans!

People can guess the amount of jelly beans that they think is in the jar, paying $10 per guess.

The winner takes home the entire jar!

Partner with a Restaurant

There are tons of restaurant chains (and even local establishments!) that are willing to partner with individuals and organizations to help them raise money.

Most of the time, a restaurant chain or local eatery will have designated “fundraising nights,” where a portion of the sales from that night are donated to a charity.

Get in touch with the manager of a restaurant in your area and ask if you can host a Bubbles for Babies fundraising night.

Once you establish a date and time, invite your friends and family members to come out and support the cause. The restaurant then cuts you a portion of the night’s sales.

Have a “Non-Event” Event

Sometimes, you just want to stay at home, snack on unhealthy food, and watch a movie. So, host a non-event!

Basically, you send out “invitations” to an event that isn’t going to take place. Tell people that “nothing will happen on Tuesday at 7:00” and let them know that they can stay in their homes and not worry about socialising.

Then, ask for donations towards Bubbles for Babies. People can donate online at www.newborn.org.au and they will be grateful for a night of no social obligations, and you’ll raise some extra money.

Step 3: Send out some invitations.

Invite friends and colleagues.

Simple ways of letting people know include:

  • Sending an email to friends, family and colleagues.
  • If you have a Facebook page, create an event for your Bubbles for Babies event and invite your whole friends list, let them know the cause you are supporting and what you are raising money for.
  • Download an invitation here.

Step 4: Raise some bubbles.

Enjoy the party!

Step 5: Deposit your funding

  • When you register your event with us, you will be provided with the correct depositing details and you will just need to deposit your funds when you have finished raising some bubbles.
  • Congratulations! Your Bubbles for Babies event will help the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation funds medical equipment, research and nurse education to help sick newborn babies.
  • Also, don’t forget to send us some photos of your event, we love to see them and may even include them on our Facebook page.

NICF Bank Account for Donations go to our donations page:

For more information contact:

Peter Cursley

Coordinator, Bubbles for Babies

Mobile:0414446662 email: info@newborn.org.au


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