Bake For Babies officially runs from 1 June to 31 August but you can hold a Bake For Babies fundraiser any time of the year. 100% of money raised is dedicated to sending sick babies home from hospital quicker and healthier through the funding of high tech medical equipment.


You bake what you want, sell your baked treats to who you want and then donate your profits NICF’s and receive a tax deductible receipt. Sell your baked creations at a price you think appropriate with your profit to be donated to the NICF or, charge ‘per head’ for your guests to have unlimited indulgence to your delicious offerings! All your donation will go to purchase of specific medical equipment requested by hospitals we assist. Money raised in each region, stays in that region.

When can I bake?

Officially, Bake for Babies will run from  1 June 2023 to  31 August 2024, so there is lots of time to host a Bake Sale and raise some dough! However, you can bake and have a fundraiser for the NICF anytime you want.

Bake-for-Babies NICF Fundraiser

What could I bake?

Anything you like; scones, cakes, pizzas, brownies, cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, biscuits, a slice or maybe a cinnamon roll brioche.

You could cook a baked dinner for family and friends and request a donation for each seat at the table.

It’s totally up to you.

Take the Bake Challenge!

Do you know someone who never cooks? Get them to take the Bake Challenge. Have colleagues sponsor them to have a go at baking and bring their efforts in to work for a taste test. If you are such a bad cook, your friends may sponsor you not to bake. Either way, your tax deductible donation will be going to a good cause to get sick babies home sooner and healthier. 

Where could I host a sale?

Host a Bake Sale at your home, workplace, school or anywhere that bakes your fancy. Host a Bake Sale at a unique location to raise even more money but keep in mind social distancing.

How to Hold a Bake for Babies Sale

Step 1: Register your fundraising activity with www.newborn.org.au

Please register your event with us so we can keep you updated plus it helps us estimate how close we are to reaching our goal, in this year’s case, it is around $90,000 across the regions. Money raised in a region, stays in that region to support NICUs and SCN get sick babies home sooner and healthier.


Step 2: Get organised

You’ve got the when and the where sorted out, so now you need to get the ‘what’. Make a plan of what you intend to make for your bake sale plus a list of what equipment and supplies you will need. If you will have friends helping you out, try to assign different jobs to different people so that you spread the work.

Here is a rough guide as to supplies you might need:

  1. Table and tablecloth
  2. Cake displays and covers.
  3. Price tags/signs
  4. Pens
  5. Money tin or bum bag
  6. Money float
  7. Gloves for handling food
  8. Plastic takeaway containers
  9. Any relevant documentation
  10. Bin and bin bags

Step 3: Spread the word

Bake sales tend to go down a treat. But no one can buy all your delicious goodies, if they don’t know about the bake sale.

Simple ways of letting people know include:

  • Sending an email to friends, family and colleagues.
  • If you have a Facebook page, create an event for your Bake for Babies sale and invite your whole friends list, let them know the cause you are supporting and all the food that will be available.
  • Share our Facebook posts to your Facebook friends.

Find more tips and resources on promoting your fundraiser along with tips on baking on our Facebook page.

Step 4: Ready, steady bake!

If you already enjoy cooking you may be able to whip something up with supplies you already have at home. If not, try and keep the expenses down so they don’t eat into your profit.

The baking itself can be a great activity to do with friends and family and even the non-bakers can help you to batch items up ready to sell on the day.

Try to keep prices moderate at first; you can always lower prices throughout the day if you need to.

Step 5: Deposit your funding

  • When you register your event with us, you will be provided with the correct depositing details and you will just need to deposit your funds when the bake sale is complete.
  • Congratulations! Your fantastic baking skills have now helped the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation funds medical equipment, research and nurse education to help sick newborn babies of the Canberra region.
  • Also, don’t forget to send us some photos of your event, we love to see them and may even include them on our Facebook page.

NICF Bank Account for Donations:

Account Name: Newborn Intensive Care Foundation

Beyond Bank

Account number  03676860

BSB  325-185

For more information contact:

ACT: Tina Martinovic

Coordinator, Bake for Babies

Mobile: 0408649095 email: t.martinovic [at] bigpond.com

Gippsland Vic: Peter Cursley

Mobile:0414446662 email: pcursley (at) gmail.com

You are not obliged to register under the Food Act, but please take care to ensure safe food handling.  Please note that you are not engaged by NICF to conduct your Bake for Babies programme, but do so as your own charitable contribution.  NICF is not responsible for, and will not indemnify you in respect of, any loss damage or injury in relation to your Bake for Babies programme.

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