Help give all our babies a fighting chance

About the Foundation

100% of general donations go to fund medical equipment, research and nurse education to help give critically ill newborn babies, the best chance to lead healthy, normal lives. The Foundation operates in the ACT, Southern NSW, Riverina, and Gippsland in Victoria.


100% LOCAL

– Money raised in a region, stays in that region

The medical equipment we fund prevents brain damage, lung damage, Cerebral Palsy, blindness and a host of other complication faced by premature or sick newborn babies. 

Charitable Collections Licence Number 19000235

ABN 82440775387

Our Raffles

NICF is excited to announce we are running regular raffles! Please click through below to see any raffles currently running.

2023 Bake for Babies

The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (NICF) is urging people from the Canberra region to take the bake challenge to raise funds to purchase medical equipment to treat sick newborn babies admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit a Canberra Hospital.

To raise the funds needed, the NICF will officially run Bake for Babies 2023 from 1 June to 31 August. But you can Bake for Babies any time of the year.

You can bake whatever you like – scones, cakes, pizzas, muffins, biscuits, a slice, whatever, and sell to friends, family or colleagues and then deposit the proceeds into the NICF Bake for Babies account.

If you are like many and your scones turn out more like ANZAC biscuits, maybe people will sponsor you not to bake.

The concept is as broad as you like to make it. So will you take the bake challenge?

Latest News

Baubles for Babies

Donate a virtual bauble and help us support Canberra region sick and premmie newborn babies. The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation is running a special fundraiser called Baubles for Babies. We are asking people in the Canberra Region to go to our website and purchase...

NICU November Raffle!

Click the link to buy your tickets today to help give our sick and premature newborn babies a fighting chance. Life should not be a struggle when you are just a few hours old. 🎟 Our special annual event, NICU November Online Raffle, marks the significance of the month...

Order now – Virtual Bake for Babies

The following professional bakers are baking for babies and donating their baked treats for you to purchase online with the proceeds going towards a new Bilicocoon. The generous bakers are: Dalliance Flour & Frost The Cookie Bear My sweet lady Cocoabunbuns Cookie...