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The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation is a local charity that raises money for medical equipment, research and nurse education to help give the ACT and Southern NSW’s critically ill newborn babies, the best chance to lead healthy, normal lives.


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The first moments of a baby’s life are filled with joy.

Yet, in those instances when a newborn requires extra care in the NICU, it can also be a time of great anxiety for parents and one of intensity for caregivers.

The NICF are committed to making the path toward sending babies home as safe, comfortable and as quickly as possible through advanced technology.  One piece of advanced technology needed is the very flexible Omnibed care station. In fact, we need to get two. Designed with babies and their families in mind, these care stations create a controlled, protected microenvironment for peaceful fast healing, bringing babies one step closer to the caregivers’ expertise, their parents’ embrace, and to going home healthy. From delivery to discharge, these humidicribs are designed to address the changing and complex demands of the NICU by helping to provide easy access to the baby by clinical staff and enable family-centred care to help the neuro development of the baby.

When it comes to a baby’s growth and development, parental touch—and peace-of-mind can make all the difference. These care stations support Family Centred Care and give parents the access and assurance they need to nurture their sick or premature baby. Babies are our future, and we’ll do everything to be sure we’re helping them thrive from day one. It seems so simple, but means so much. Please help us give caregivers and parents a better opportunity to help babies grow, develop and go home healthy.


Latest News

We Need to Raise $55,000 to Buy One

Donate now so we can purchase a Giraffe Care Station. Donate HERE

We May Have Bitten Off More Than We Can Chew

Bake for Babies 2020 will be attempting to raise $110,000 to purchase two Giraffe Incubator Carestations. Will you help? Bake what you want, sell your treats to to friends and family and make a tax deductible donation with the proceeds. To find out how easy it is go...

This is Urgent

With the onset of the Coronavirus, immediate family of sick or premature newborn babies, apart from mothers or their partner, may not be allowed in to the neonatal unit in Canberra to see their baby. Previously, the NICF has helped fund NICUCAM. NICUCAM allows parents...