Help give all our babies a fighting chance

About the Foundation

100% of general donations go to fund medical equipment, research and nurse education to help give critically ill newborn babies, the best chance to lead healthy, normal lives. The Foundation operates in the ACT, Southern NSW, Riverina, and Gippsland in Victoria.


100% LOCAL

– Money raised in a region, stays in that region

The medical equipment we fund prevents brain damage, lung damage, Cerebral Palsy, blindness and a host of other complication faced by premature or sick newborn babies. 

Charitable Collections Licence Number 19000235

ABN 82440775387

Our Raffles

NICF is excited to announce we are running regular raffles! Please click through below to see any raffles currently running.

Our Current Project

ACT & Region

There are two current projects for the Canberra Region: 1. we are urging people to donate funds so we can purchase a new live video streaming system for the Canberra neonatal and special care nursery called Angel Eye. Stage one of the installation programme is due to commence in the next couple of months. This will replace the aging NICUcam for which technical support ceased in November 2022. Research has shown that if a mum can see a live streaming of her baby in the NICU or SCN, she has reduced separation anxiety, feels more comfortable spending time with her other children and finds it easier to express. You can donate HERE 2. Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CPU) is now an essential part of providing optimum care to sick babies. Simulation allows for ultrasound training to happen in a non risk environment and allows trainees to develop skills more quickly. BabyWorks is an ultra-realistic baby manikin that can use real patient scans to allow doctors more time to assess patients without the need to disturb the baby. We are currently raising funds to purchase a BabyWorks manikin. You can donate HERE.

Central Gippsland

Thank you. We have raised the funds for 10 Wellington Sofa beds for the Maternity Unit at Sale Hospital. Our current project is to fund an ultrasound for Sale Hospital’s Maternity Unit and we are well on the way. If you would like to donate to this click HERE.


Latest News

Adventure Ride 2024/25

SEA TO SKY SOUTHERN ADVENTURE RIDE 2-6 December 2024 5 Days / 4 Nights Discovery tour of Southern NSW - over the Great Dividing Range through lush rainforests and national parks of the South Coast to the sea and back up to the mountains   GO TO TOUR DETAILS...

Baubles for Babies

All we want for Christmas is a miracle. You can help create a Christmas miracle for sick and premature newborn babies and their families with the Foundation’s fun and exciting Christmas fundraising - Baubles for Babies! We are asking people to purchase a virtual...

Frankie’s Story

Baby Francesca (Frankie) was born full term at 3.16 am on a November morning. She was beautiful with hazel eyes and long dark hair. She left this world suddenly, 36 hours later, cradled in her mummy’s arms and surrounded by the love of her Dad and two older siblings....